We tell stories
that wake people up.

About Us

Rook Takes Queen is a full service creative production studio. We create short form video, digital content and marketing collateral that engages,  enlightens and inspires.

We listen, imagine and move, and we work for you – the global media leader, the committed non-profit pioneer, the technology visionary, the agency producer – to make sure that your purpose guides our creative thinking every step of the way.


We dig deep. We want to know WHAT you do, but most importantly, WHY you do it. That’s what your audience wants to hear and see and feel.


We take your WHY and thread it through every production step, from script to sound mix. This is your through-line. It’s the guiding principle for our creative work.


Our working brief is: trim, cut, edit to deliver perfectly weighted content, because taking the shortest route between what the audience understands and what they feel is the key to success.

I've used RXQ for several years now on a variety of projects for Bloomberg - both promotional and informational. The RXQ team always impress me with the way they hear the stuff I forget to say and their ability to translate my needs into awesome, engaging and effective video promos. Love them!

Jeff FairbanksGlobal Head of AV & Media Technology

My firm hired RXQ to create a branding video for a very prominent charity organization in 2016. One of the troubles we were having with our client was helping them pick a way to tell their story while simultaneously conveying important and specific statistics, and that's where RXQ stepped in to save the project. They were able to boil down the entire set of core values, intricate statistics, and overall feel of the organization into a charming and succinct storyline. The animations and graphics were perfectly suited for the quick-paced nature of the presentation, and they did a fantastic job scripting the video to ensure that the message was never lost in the data.

Chris ThomasCharlestown AV

I am always amazed at how RXQ manages to weave together such powerful videos for us. They deliver quality work that always exceeds my expectations and captures the essence of what we are trying to do.

Andrea GuendelmanBeVisible